Standard Features

These Standard Features are included in any new home build:

  • A detailed Proposal outlining each phase of the new home.
  • Architectural/design assistance.
  • Extensive personal consultation throughout the entire home building process.
  • Close supervision of all building phases.
  • Employ excellent professional sub-contractors.
  • Interior design and decorating consultation.
  • Extensive energy features are implemented such as: 2 x 6 exterior wall construction, 1/2” OSB sheeting for entire home with sprayed cellulose insulation in all exterior walls 5 1/2” thick, exterior walls are R-23 value, thoroughly ventilated roof designs.
  • Schedule home for timely occupancy.
  • One year warranty service with extended warranties available.
  • Lot potential maximization; i.e., tree removal/tree relocation, proper home placement, grading.